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Find out more about our Pastors, their experience, and the path God used to bring them here.


Dr. Randy Lane Bunch

Dr. Randy Lane Bunch has served as pastor, church planter, author, and professor in his more than 30 years of full-time ministry. He has written extensively, authoring several books, including The Gospel’s Saving Power and his new book, Immutable: Changeless Truth For A Changing World. He is also the pastor of Connecting Point Church in his hometown of Taft as well as Northeast Christian Church in Bakersfield, both in which he serves alongside his wife, Maria.


Randy has pioneered and pastored churches on both coasts and traveled extensively throughout the United States as well as overseas, ministering in local churches, Bible Schools, and in many other venues. Currently, in addition to pastoring, Randy is the founder of Connecting Point Communications, a media ministry which produces various resources including the flagship publication, Connecting Point Magazine. Additionally, Connecting Point Communications hosts Skype Crusades in Pakistan, and their new TV show, Connecting Point, is airing in over 180 nations of the world.


Today, Randy enjoys investing in his congregation, as well as writing extensively. His most recent book, The Good, The Beautiful, and the Trueis available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble Online, and other outlets.

Maria Bunch

For over 30 years, Maria has been an educator in her hometown of Taft, California, having graduated from California State University Northridge and earning her teaching credential at California State University Bakersfield.  For most of her 25 years, Maria has taught First Grade children the fundamental building blocks of reading, writing, and arithmetic and making a life-long impact on their hearts in the process. This is evident when former students of all ages find her around town and greet her enthusiastically with a hug and a smile.


In addition to her classroom time with the kids, Maria served for four years as a reading coach, working with teachers and equipping them with the tools that would help them become more successful in the classroom themselves. Additionally, she is frequently called upon to serve in numerous leadership roles, helping teachers to become the best that they can be. Maria is also a dedicated wife and devoted Mother, always loving the time she spends with her family. Together she and Randy have six children and four grandchildren. 

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