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Our desire is to provide a resource-rich site that can help to supplement your spiritual diet. In addition to our podcast, and blog, we also have our Connecting Point TV YouTube channel availalbe to minister to you. Please emial us with your feedback!


Both here on the Connecting Point Church website and Dr. Randy's personal ministry site, Connecting Point Communications, you'll find a number of resources that will both inform and encourage you in your walk with the Lord. The podcast, blog, magazine, and more are all here to help you grow in your faith journey to fulfill God's purpose for your life. 


Be sure to check our media resources regularly, too, as new content is continuously added. You can also go to Connecting Point Communications and follow Dr. Randy's blog. Each time a podcast or blog entry is made, it will be sent immediately to your inbox! And be sure to send us any testimonies of how the material may have ministered to you. We love to get your feedback!



The quarterly publication of Connecting Point Communications, Dr. Randy's outreach ministry.


Connecting Point TV

Our new internet broadcast is available on our YouTube channel for you to view!


Audio Media

Subscribe to Dr. Randy's podcast and find out about Connections Point Radio Broadcast.


Dr. Randy's Books

Dr. Randy's books can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Apple iBooks.


Blogs & Articles

Dr. Randy's blogs and newspaper articles have been seen by many over the years. Subscribe now!


Online Audio Class

You can listen to Dr. Randy's Healing School and dowload the outlines here.

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