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Every church has its own distinctive style. Discover what a service at CPC is like!

What To Expect

Each church is unique. I think that this how God meant for it to be. He seems to have put diversity into nearly everything He made, and it seems He meant the same to be true with the local church.

While we hold to the same eternal truth, our styles differ.


At Connecting Point Church, we are very serious about God, His Word, and His presence, but we are also a fun-loving, joyful family who know not to take ourselves too seriously. We tend to dress a little more casually, and are more concerned about your heart than your wardrobe. 

Some time back I got acquainted with Psalm 68:6 which says, “God places the lonely in families; He sets the prisoners free and gives them joy.” We hope God will place you in our family.

You’d be very welcome!

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