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Once again, we had a wonderful opportunity to speak into the lives of the people of Pakistan via livestream. The report from our friends there was as follows:

"Greetings to you, dear Pastor. We have great report: 58 people give their heart to the Lord, and praise God in this cold weather here, people still come out and (the) Lord did great miracles. 2 ladies were suffering with tumors and Lord healed them, and one person had lung problem and he got healed. One lady had a jaw problem - she was unable to move it for the last 4 years because of an accident and the Lord healed her. She was able to move her jaw. The (team) received 18 testimonies of different kinds of body pains God healed, praise God! Also, one person had a knee problem and God heal him as well."

Some of the venues in which we minister are smaller while others are larger, but all are important to God! We praise God for the salvations and healings, as well as the opportunity to provide Bibles for those who gave their hearts to the Lord. Our next crusade is scheduled for later in January.

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