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November 7 Pakistan Skype Crusade Update

We recently heard from our friends in Pakistan regarding the November 7 Skype Crusade in Pakistan. This is our third, and once again a goon number were came to Christ, making the total from the three crusades between 400 and 500. In addition, a number of healing miracles took place. Here is the report from our dear friend, Pastor John.

"Praise God, Dear pastor we had 74 souls get saved and also 22 healings take place. There was 5 people who were suffering with evil spirits who were healed and set free. There was a 1 person who was doing "grave worshiping" there for last 28 years and he was set free and give his heart to the Lord!"

Once again, the great need is for Bibles, and we were able to send $400 to help supply the need, but the need is great. Please prayerfully consider participating financially in helping us reach Pakistan with the good news of Jesus and also to get these new believers established in the faith. God is doing great things at a time when Pakistan is in desperate need of good news! Blessings!!

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