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Ongoing Outreaches

For six months now, we have been conducting Skype crusades in Pakistan. In our February meeting, 111 souls came to Christ, bring the total for all six months to 687. Additionally, many have testified to various healings, including one woman who was healed of "blood cancer" in the February meetings. Many have testified to tumors disappearing and other healings as well.

Another common feature in these meetings is how many have been saved and delivered from practicing black magic. Others who are involved in "grave worship" (presumably a form of ancestor worship or worship of the dead) have been saved and delivered as well. We rejoice with all these reports and especially with the reports of salvations in each meeting.

The work in India continues as well. Connecting Point TV continues to air in over one million homes each week in the southern part of that nation, and we are told that testimonies are coming in each week. We look forward to getting these and sharing them with you as soon as their equipment update is complete!

If you would like to partner with us in this ministry to the nations, simply to to our Donation page and indicate on the PayPal link that your gift is for the missionary outreaches. One of the greatest needs we endeavor to help supply is Bibles for the new converts in Pakistan. Your tax-deductible donation helps make this a reality!

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