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Reaching Pakistan For Christ

(The following article is from the newest edition of Connecting Point Magazine, a quarterly publication by Connecting Point Communications. You can download the newest edition, as well as past editions of Connecting Point Magazine by going to Dr. Randy’s ministry site,

It’s amazing what a handful of people can do with a couple of computers, a bedsheet, and a good internet connection. For starters, you can have a crusade in Pakistan in hard to reach areas where larger crusades cannot be held. When my good friend, John Javed, a Pakistani evangelist, recommended that we do a crusade via Skype, I was game. I had my concerns about the technical challenges (some of our previous streaming conversations had broken down due to a poor connection), however, there was no way I was going to say anything but a resounding, “Yes!”

September 8 of this year was our first, and the results were encouraging if not overwhelming. This was not one of the large crusades John and his wife, Rachel, conduct in the open air where tens of thousands attend. This was a much smaller group in a more remote village where they had been told a large crusade was not possible. Still, this first effort resulted in two-hundred and thirty-seven people coming to Christ, including nine who had been practitioners of black magic — one of them for thirty-nine years! Others were also healed of demonic influence. Additionally, some tremendous healings occurred including one man who was healed of a tumor in his chest.

Results like these were fully anticipated. Years ago, I had the privilege of broadcasting on a Christian television station in Tamil Nadu, the southern-most province of India. The healing testimonies from that season of ministry were incredible, including those who had been mentally disabled, those possessed by evil spirits, and those with various physical maladies. You can read about some of these wonderful healing testimonies in our book, The Gospel’s Saving Power. They continue to inspire me today and still stand as one of the most powerful seasons of healing ministry I have yet experienced. However, as good as those memories are, there is nothing like seeing God break through in a new place, especially where the stakes are so high. 

The recent release of Pakistani Christian woman, wife, and mother, Asia Bibi, who had been sentenced to death for blasphemy, has incited riots and threats of violence from the radical Islamic community. One of the most vociferous clerics fermenting the hate and violence held his rally in the very city where our friends’ ministry is based. Pakistan needs prayer, but it also needs the fearless labors of people like John and Rachel, whose gospel crusades attract thousands and who continue their work in spite of the danger. Since some who advocated for the release of Asia Bibi (who spent eight years in prison before finally being acquitted) were assassinated, the threat is very real, not only for the judges who freed Bibi, but for her, her family, and the entire Christian community in Pakistan. 

Just a little over two years ago, the terrible Easter bombing which targeted Christians in Lahore and killed seventy-four devastated the nation and brought international attention to the tensions there. Only the Prince of Peace can bring peace to this and any other nation suffering from religious, political, or ethnic violence.

Our second crusade was held on October 6, and while the results were more modest, one-hundred and twenty-eight came to Christ, and there were more healings and dramatic deliverances. In all, between three and four hundred have been saved and there is still more to come. 

Our next crusade, scheduled for Wednesday, November 7, will have already occurred by the time this article is published, and plans are underway to assist in discipling those who are coming to Christ. Temporary Bible schools are being planned by my friends there, and my desire is to begin to produce materials to assist their spiritual growth. One book I wrote some time back can be translated into Urdu for only $250. We are raising money to assist with this and other areas of need. Indeed, one of the greatest needs now is for Bibles which are in great demand. Even though we sent what money we could to help with this, our friends there have still only been able to give one in five a Bible.  This is not nearly enough, so we are endeavoring to raise up partners to help get Bibles into the hands of those making commitments to Christ.

This is the very reason we founded Connection Point Communications: to reach those needing heaven’s answers to life’s challenges. I cannot think of a better way to invest ourselves, our time and our resources, than in seeing God turn a nation to Himself. This is the reason you and I have been born into this time. Let us not miss the opportunities that God has afforded to us in these last days.

My television ministry to India began with a low-end camcorder and a set that would have made any production designer cry. Our ministry in Pakistan is done with a bedsheet for a screen. Still, lives are being changed and the best is yet to come! If you would like to help us reach the nation of Pakistan, the information on the next page will tell you how you can.

Addendum: Since this article was written for Connecting Point Magazine, the November 7 crusade has taken place. Seventy-four more souls came to Christ and a large number were delivered from the practice of black magic and demonic influence. 

The effort to raise money for Bibles is still underway. If you would like to donate to help get a Bible into the hands of a new convert in Pakistan, you can give by going to our website, One hundred percent of what is donated will go to the needs of the new believers and the on-going efforts to bring the gospel there.

Author’s Note: In addition to the crusades and associated needs, Connecting Point Church has been supporting the Christian orphanage sponsored by John and Rachel. To feed these children only takes about $11 per child per month. If you would like to support the children of Pakistan, simply indicate your desire when you give. All proceeds will go as directed unless left to the discretion of CPC.

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